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Bring Solar Savings to your Organization

As a Solar Partner, you can bring big solar savings to your company, community, club or cause!

Clean solar energy is already less expensive than the electricity from the utility grid, by an average of 15%! Your Solar Community members will save even more, with discounts of up to 30% on solar energy installations and financing plans.

For each Solar Community member that goes solar, the group receives a cash reward of up to $1000! Schools, churches, charities, clubs, towns and other groups can organize fund-raising drives by offering great deals on solar. If your group doesn't want to earn revenue, you can increase solar adoption by donating your group rewards to a charity or cause!

You choose how much of the solar benefits go to your members, and what share goes to the organization. With four levels to choose from, you'll find the right program for your group and for your members.


A Few of our Solar Partners

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Your Group can form a Solar Community

Any group, company or organization can form a Solar Community. Start one in your...


Solar Communities can be:

  1. Local
  2. Regional
  3. National
  4. Virtual
  5. Formal
  6. Informal
  7. For profit
  8. Not for profit


As a Solar Community, your group can: Raise Funds, Lower Electric Bills and Save the Planet!

Solar Community Success

We'll help you promote your Solar Community and ensure your success. Each Solar Community receives email templates, a Web site or landing page, educational content, social media tools and widgets to help spread the word. We'll also help you produce signage, posters, flyers, passalong cards, clothing, stickers, sunglasses and other promotional items.

We'll support your members every step of the way, aand ensure your campaign meets your fundraising and group benefit goals.

Explore Our Solar Communities

These leading organizations, groups and companies have formed Solar Communities to benefit their members, employees, friends, neighbors and families, and to demonstrate their committment to a better world through solar energy. Solar Community members save more money on their electric bils through discounted solar installation and financing programs. Solar Community sponsoring organizations can raise funds through cash rewards for each member that goes solar.