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Solar Curious
Posted by David Levine on Feb 5, 2015
We know how much money you can save on your electric bills by going solar. Aren't you at least a little bit curious?

The average American homeowner pays $145 every month on their electric bill. If the average American installed solar panels, they would pay only $97 per month for all their electricity with no up-front costs.

The problem is, you’re probably not an average American, and you don’t live in an average home.

So we created Geostellar for you. Simply enter your address, and we’ll show you how much money you can save on your electric bills by going solar with no out of pocket expenses.

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We used lasers in airplanes to make a 3D computer model of your neighborhood, and then used the model to calculate the movement of the sun, weather, roof angle and shadows over the course of the year to figure out how much sunlight you have, and how much energy your solar panels will generate.

We compute the value of your solar energy based on your utility rates, federal, state and local incentives and how much energy you use in your home.

With this information, we design a solar energy system tailored to meet the needs of your individual home and lifestyle.

A helpful Solar Guide will show you financing plans for your solar panels that cut your electric bills, increase your home value, and get paid off by the Sun!

Then we’ll dispatch a qualified professional from your community to verify the solar design, secure the permits and install your solar panels.

You’re not an average American. Every home is different. Get what’s right for you!

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