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Why We're Solar
Posted by David Levine on Jan 1, 2015
Being solar is a way of life.

Than Hitt is a biologist. Ben Combee is a developer of embedded software for smart TVs. What do they have in common? They're solar!

People have different reasons for going solar. Some are interested in saving money, some protecting the environment. Others want to be independent of the power grid or just show off their cool solar panels and brag about their energy production on Facebook. But really, deep down, it's not about the intellectual reasons. It's not the rationale. It's a matter of character.

We've found that people don't go solar, they are solar. Being solar is caring for a friend or neighbor, offering to clear the table and coaching a little league team. It's taking out the trash, hosting a foreign exchange student and being grateful for the big and the little things in life. Be solar. It feels good.

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