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Push Button Solar
Posted by David Levine on Sep 18, 2016
Everything is becoming more convenient. Push a button to get a ride from Uber or Lyft, push a button to find a place to stay with AirBNB. Now, thanks to our Solar Mojo app and Solar Pros everywhere, you can push a button to go solar!

The secret sauce of the on-demand economy isn’t in the technology platforms; it’s in the providers. With ridesharing, anyone can become a professional driver. With AirBNB, anyone can become a host.

We’ve made solar energy just as simple, and you can be a part of it.

Simply download the app, watch the training videos, and instantly become a Solar Pro, like our friend Quin.

Quin Yowell of Columbia, MD works at Whole Foods by day, drives for Uber & Lyft in the evenings and promotes solar energy all the time!

He’s combined his passion for a healthy lifestyle, his positive outlook on life and his enthusiasm for solar energy into an unique method for generating interest in his practice as a Solar Pro.

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Everywhere he goes, Quin finds a way to strike up a conversation about solar energy. When he detects a spark of interest, Quin hands out a “mini survival kit” that includes Vitamin C, lavender hand sanitizer, a 2 pack tea sampler, healthy snacks, his Solar Pro business card and a Solar Curious sticker.

In some cases, he leaves at that and checks his Solar Pro console a few days later to see if the recipient of the survival kit set up a solar profile. In other cases, when he gets a strong positive response to this overture, he’ll pull out his iPhone and look up the Solar Profile right then and there.

The Solar Profile provides an instant, interactive estimate of the benefits that solar energy can bring to each individual household. Quin will adjust the profile, tailoring an installation and financing plan to best meet the homeowner's unique needs. When the Solar Profile is set, he’ll share it with both the homeowner and a Solar Guide at Geostellar

With a little care package and a few quick swipes and taps, Quin has helped a friend go solar and brightened their day.

Solar Pros like Quin are independent entrepreneurs, trained and licensed by Geostellar.

All you’ll need to get started are some friends and neighbors interested in going solar. If you’d like to full-time career in solar energy, you can build a team of Solar Pros and you’ll share in the total revenue earned by the group.

Geostellar will supply training, orientation, marketing support, the solar panels, installation and financing. We also provide business cards and stickers!

To go pro, simply download the Solar Mojo app for iPhone or iPad in the app store, or register on SolarMojo.com.

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