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Solar Santa
Posted by David Lavine on Jan 8, 2015
Help Save Santa's Workshop!

The impact of climate change on the Arctic is profound. New research from the US Navy predicts the Arctic could be free of sea ice by 2016. That's 86 years ahead of previous models! And the Arctic is just the start. Because the Arctic is warming faster than rest of the globe, the effects are felt there first. What's happening to the inhabitants of the Arctic could happen to us all!

While we're most familiar with the evidence of starving polar bears, who are losing their Arctic sea-ice, there are several other species whose habitats are threatened. The North Pole is also home to the world's most concentrated population of elves and flying reindeer!

In a rare symbiotic relationship with the toy manufacturing and global distribution concern of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the elves and flying reindeer have thrived for eons in harmony with their environment. Now that environment is changing, so at the urging of his Corporate Social Responsibility Elf, Santa has partnered with Geostellar encourage the installation of solar energy systems and reduce the harmful effects of climate change.

So help save Santa's workshop by sharing a link and earn five hundred dollars every time one of your referrals goes solar! The elves and flying reindeer are counting on you!

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