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Sharing Solar
Posted by David Levine on Jan 5, 2015
Armed with a phone or tablet and Geostellar's referral rewards program, solar evangelists can do well by doing good.

If you're like us, you love solar energy. You have photos of your panels on your phone, right next to the pictures of your kids. You pull out your iPad at every opportunity to show your friends, colleagues and strangers how much energy your roof has produced. You tell them how much you've saved on your electricity bills, and how much carbon pollution you've prevented. With Geostellar's iPhone app, you have something even better. You can talk about <i>their</i> roof. You can show people how much energy their home would generate, how much money they would save and how many tons of carbon they would offset. If they're interested in going solar, fill in their name and contact information and you have a referral. Every time a friend, relative or colleague that you referred goes solar, we'll send you $500! Those $500 checks really add up. And every time you deposit or cash one, you can reflect on the good you've done for your community, for the economy and for the planet.

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