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Your personal information will be kept securely within Geostellar, and none of your information will be shared or sold.

Benefits of a Geostellar Account

Save your Results

You Solar Profile is an interactive model that estimates the benefits of solar energy for your property. With a Geostellar account, you'll be able to add or change financing terms, equipment and installation options and save the results.

Collaborate with your Solar Guide

Your Solar Profile will be securely shared with your Solar Guide, who can advise you on the best solar values for your unique property and support the whole process of going solar online. We’ll keep information on your Solar Home readily accessible to you, while keeping your personal information private, safe and secure.

Earn Referral Rewards

Earn a reward for each referral that goes solar! Share pages with friends, family, colleagues and associates on social networks and by email. Your referral code will be embedded in each link, so every time someone goes solar on your recommendation, you get a reward.