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Save on your utility bills from day one with no upfront installation or equipment costs!

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Achieve energy independence with sunshine as your power source!

Love for your Planet

Reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment from effects of climate change!

Glory for your Deeds

Earn referral rewards for everyone you encourage to follow your lead!

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Compare Solar Panels, Financing Programs and Installation Options for your Home.

You might qualify for free installation and immediate savings on your utility bills! Every home has a unique solar profile. Find out how much you can benefit from installing a solar energy system today!

Form a Solar Savings Community in Your Organization

America's leading organizations and corporations are forming Solar Communities to generate awareness, raise funds, and increase the benefits of solar energy for their members and employees through discount solar installation and financing plans and even greater savings on electric bills.

We'll help you organize a Solar Community for your office, church, school, town, club... or any other group! We'll provide tools to get the word out and reap the rewards for your organization and your Solar Community members.

Explore our Solar Communities

These leading organizations, groups and companies have formed Solar Communities to benefit their members, employees, friends, neighbors and families, and to demonstrate their committment to a better world through solar energy. Solar Community members save more money on their electric bils through discounted solar installation and financing programs. Solar Community sponsoring organizations can raise funds through cash rewards for each member that goes solar.









Solar Stories

Season 2

Loan to Own

2 Solar story thumb icon

Finance A Power Plant on your Roof

Increase the value of your home and cut your electric bills with other people's money!

Season 2 Episode 3 continued...

FOX Solar

1 Solar story thumb icon

Green is the color of money.

When FOX Business plugs the economics of solar energy, you know it’s ready for the mainstream!

Season 2 Episode 2 continued...

Raising Capital

1 Solar story thumb icon

Our CEO shares a tale from his entrepreneurial journey.

Sometimes founding and building a company feels like reality TV. Other times it is reality TV.

Season 2 Episode 1 continued...

Season 1

Solar Santa


Climate change is affecting the Arctic habitat of polar bears, elves and flying reindeer!

Solar Santa is fighting to save his North Pole workshop, and you can be his helper. Earn glory, power, money and love, and help Solar Santa!

Season 1 Finale continued...
0 Solar story thumb icon

Solar District

0 Solar story thumb icon

A biologist triggers a solar pandemic

Shepherdstown, WV is a case study on the social dynamics of solar energy.

Season 1 Episode 7 continued...

Austin, Techie

0 Solar story thumb icon

Location: Austin, Texas. Skies: clear. Mood: elevated.

Ben, a software engineer, has had silicon on his mind for decades. Now he has it on his roof.

Season 1 Episode 6 continued...

Sharing Solar

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Do well by doing good

Share links and earn a $500 reward for each referral that goes solar!

Season 1 Episode 5 continued...
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