Journey to Retirement: Real Stories from the Geostellar Community


Sun Feb 04 2024

Retirement Stories

Cosmic salutations, dear guardians of the fiscal galaxy! Today we embark on a celestial odyssey with the geostellar community. Waste no time hopping on this nebulous ride as we unveil mesmerizing tales and discover how some starlit voyagers stirred their spaceships towards a secure financial future. 

Riding the Cosmic Waves of Time and Space  

Some spacewalkers are skeptical about taking risks, but not Elliot Baker. As a day trader, he spends most of his time taking calculated risks. “The stock market can be risky to your pocket as you never know when the market value could nosedive and leave you short,” he says. Elliot has made a successful living from day trading, but purchasing an annuity has helped him achieve his goal of putting together a long-term financial strategy that will likely work. 

One thing Elliot likes most about the annuity is that it makes him feel confident and equipped for his journey to retirement. He is more dedicated to securing a long-term financial plan, and as he says, “everyone has to retire at some point.” 

Interstellar Navigation  

Making over $100k per year is quite satisfactory for an airline pilot. But when Conrad Sullivan shared his dreams of an early retirement with his new financial advisor, he discovered that there were easier and better ways to manage his finances. Flying planes for one of the best airlines in the country has been an exciting experience for Conrad; however, he had other dreams. “I never take my job as a pilot for granted, but someday, I want to be able to fly freely and on my own terms,” Conrad says.  After purchasing an annuity from his retirement funds, he not only gained a measure of financial security for many years to come but also guaranteed that he could keep flying planes well into his golden years if he so chose.

Galactic Sentinel: Upholding Cosmic Order 

Hellen Blake, a decorated police officer and an enthusiastic stargazer shares her story,  “I never pass on the opportunity to learn more about making the best of my money. With my retirement around the corner, my annuity is one of the many financial tools that move me closer to my desired future. My annuity is safe and protected from stock market plunges, fluctuating interest rates, and other market risks. I can also pass it on to my kids. It gives me great joy to know that my hard-earned savings will continue to benefit my family even after I'm gone.”  

Saving the Cosmic Pulse 

After ten years as a public health nurse and another 25 years as an emergency room nurse, Katherine Skyler has seen things go from bad to worse in split seconds. For Katherine, being a nurse wasn’t just her job; it was her whole life. “When you are so dedicated to your job, it’s easy to forget that someday you will actually need to retire,” she says. 

Katherine knows that while saving lives is her celestial calling, many things are not guaranteed. Deciding to leave nothing to chance, she set sail into the cosmic expanse of financial planning. "I've  spent all my life living in the present, and now, with a longevity annuity to my name, I have a reliable source of funds to cover even my future living expenses." 


Covering 400 meters under 45 seconds may not be a stellar moment in your cosmic chronicles. But for Jared Lawson, it was his life’s work. After a track accident in 2017, he was forced to begin considering an early retirement. He says, “One thing I learned after my injury is that life is unpredictable." As an athlete, Jared strongly believes in taking risks and pushing the limits. However, this three-time State Champion didn’t take the same risks with his retirement planning. “I diversified my retirement portfolio and secured a protected income with an annuity to ensure that my wife Laura and I won't face any surprises when I eventually need to hang my running shoes,” Jared says.

Stardust and Steel  

Jordan Foxx found himself navigating the cosmic abyss of peril many more times than he'd like to admit. As a construction worker, he encountered many risky situations. However, the most defining moment was when he fell off a scaffolding and was rushed to the hospital. “After seeing the horror on my wife’s face at the hospital that night, I knew I needed to get my life in order," Jordan says. He decided to take his finances more seriously, and with the help of his financial advisor, he set up an annuity. Jordan admits that he didn’t know much about annuities, but when he understood the benefits, he was more confident about his future. “I purchased an annuity not just for my sake but for my family’s. I’m glad I can leave a good legacy for them”, he said. 

Galactic Hauler

Grant Gilmore, a 50-year-old truck driver, shares his annuity story; “As someone averse to taking risks, I needed a retirement plan that won’t be affected by the market volatility. A fixed annuity was the perfect solution to my quest. They are flexible and highly predictable. Sometimes, when I think of how one moment I could be in Redmond, Oregon, and a few hours later, on my way to Wilsonville, I savor the stability that annuities bring to my life. A steady monthly income in a volatile market is my gateway to a fun and thrilling retirement. The tax-deferred growth also greatly benefits my long-term financial goals”. 

Astrosage Educator 

The pandemic was a trying period for most of the world. But for an elementary school teacher like Joselyn Burke, it was the first time she began rethinking her retirement income goals. In 2020, her many years spent guiding young explorers through the odyssey of knowledge were put to the test. “Losing some of my friends and almost my job really put things in perspective for me," she says.  For the first time, Joselyn realized she didn’t have a stable long-term financial plan. Finding out she could possibly outlive her retirement fund was the final cosmic quasar that convinced her to set up an annuity. “You think some things can’t happen to you until they do,” she says. “The pandemic made me prioritize protecting what I have been able to save so that my retirement is more secure and safe from a similar occurrence.”

From stargazing dreamers to retirement constellations, these stories from the geostellar community light up the pathways to financial fulfillment. It's time to join the cosmic caravan and explore the supernova universe of annuities for yourself.